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Tryilo now connecting people in Malahide

Tryilo now connecting people in Malahide

The newest trend in consuming is an online marketplace whereby goods are shared within communities on a temporary basis. Heated roller sets, power washers and carpet cleaners help to make up the eclectic treasure trove which is currently available being shared on Trylio. This steadily growing and community-centered sharing platform enables users to make extra income from renting out their unused or underused items and in turn saves people from investing in costly items which may only be required for occasional use.

Our Malahide community members recent sharing experience

It seems that sharing is the new buying and more and more people are getting involved. ‘ I had considered starting a career in photography’ says  Maureen Maguire (35) from Malahide. ‘ I had attended all the classes and spent a small fortune on all the equipment. Life took over, however, and I had to abandon that idea but I was left with all this equipment which I really didn’t want to sell as I secretly hope that I’ll return to it again some day’.

Renting on Tryilo was the ideal solution ‘I mainly rent out my lenses’ she explains. ‘They are expensive to buy so they can be popular for occasional use. I have even rented out three or four different sizes at once to people for special occasions such as weddings.

This online sharing marketplace is also helping to build a real sense of community in Malahide and beyond. It enables connections to be made through the medium of shared interests and even new friendships to be forged. ‘I tell people we met online’ laughs Emma Doyle (26). Eimear answered my Tryilo ad for my mountain bike. She ended up buying one and we now end up going out on them together most Saturday mornings. ‘Sometimes we abandon the idea and have coffee and cake instead’ interjects Eimear ‘but the good intention is there’.

Of course sharing your possessions online in this way is also a way of consuming which is much kinder to the environment. It cuts down on wastage and enables a particular item to be used to its fullest potential.

Tryilo is building sharing communities across Ireland so perhaps now might be a good time to dust off that games console or carpet cleaner and start to earn some extra cash?!

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