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Giving back to build a better community

Giving back to build a better community

Tryilo was founded on the principle of ‘sharing is caring’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. In essence, we believe in the power of communities to come together and collectively pool their resources for the greater good. We also believe in creating a more environmentally aware society whereby goods are shared instead of purchased and everyone can benefit. It is this mission which drives our work each day and in light of that, we have extended this principle further and are proud and delighted to support the communities which join us by in turn donating back up to 50% of funds generated in a particular community through rentals on our site.

So not only will joining Tryilo enable you to make a bit of cash by sharing your unused stuff in your community on our online platform, it will also provide you with the opportunity to support your own community through our provision of funds and /or sports and other equipment. With Tryilo you now have the power to help your own community and also make some cash in the process…what’s not to like?!

The continued growth of the online sharing marketplace is helping to build a real sense of community across UK and Ireland and Tryilo is proud to be at the heart of that. Sharing possessions in this way enables connections to be made through the medium of shared interests and even for new friendships to be forged in many cases. Bakers and book lovers alike are being brought together through our platform and we are delighted to be instrumental in terms of making that happen! The perceived loss of community spirit in modern society both here in Ireland and beyond has been much lamented. However, we believe that our platform is helping to reinstate that through facilitating the sharing of goods and the helping of others. Day after day we hear stories from our members of the new connections which are being made through Tryilo and this is what makes what we do all worthwhile.

Of course, sharing your possessions online on Tryilo is also a means of consuming which is much kinder to the environment with the ultimate outcome of reducing landfill waste in a particular community. It allows for expensive items, in particular, to be used to their full potential. This steadily growing and community-centered sharing platform enables users to make extra income from renting out their unused or underused items and in turn saves people from investing in costly items which may only be required for occasional use.

Tryilo is building sharing communities across Ireland and is glad to be giving back through the provision of funds and various pieces of equipment to those communities. This is something which is set to snowball as our platform continues to grow so now really is the time for you to dig out those unused or underused items and start sharing in your locality! You will benefit from earning some extra cash, your neighbours will benefit from the use of your goods and you will, in turn, help us to help your wider community ….so let’s all get started!

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