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Let’s show love and support to the homeless people this Christmas

Let’s show love and support to the homeless people this Christmas

Our goal is to support and feed at least 1000 homeless this Christmas.

Tryilo is proud to foster and promote a strong sense of community spirit and cooperation. Indeed, it is true to say that our very concept is based on the principle of giving and sharing for the collective benefit of a community. The sharing of a particular product on our platform benefits the owner through the generation of some extra cash and also benefits the renter who is given the use of that item for an agreed period and who is saved the expense of purchasing a potentially expensive item they may not need to use long term. Therefore, and in accordance with our ethos of sharing and community spirit, we are delighted to be supporting two fantastic charities who feed the homeless people of both Cork and Dublin each Christmas – the Cork Penny Dinners and the capital-based Knights of Columbanus Christmas dinner fund.

It is a sobering fact that the homeless organisation Focus Ireland estimates that there are currently in excess of 8,000 people living homeless in Ireland, many of them children. It is certainly clear that sues with mortgage arrears in the time since since the property boom have compounded what was always a significant problem in this country with a staggering 102 families having become newly homeless in Dublin alone in August 2017, the second highest number since the organisation began records back in January 2013 and 42% higher than the number recorded in August 2016. The spiralling housing crisis that has developed here in Ireland in the past decade is clearly a big factor in these rising figures and unfortunately, the various Government-driven initiatives have so far failed to halt this growing trend. As a result, homeless shelters and charities are presently being stretched harder than ever, many of them staffed primarily by teams of hardworking volunteers.

Christmas is, of course, a time for family and togetherness and it is at this time of year when the homeless crisis is highlighted more starkly than ever. As Christmas trees go up and lights twinkle in windows, a lack of a home is more raw and real than at any other time of year, particularly when there are children involved. However, there are several charities and organisations here in Ireland who are working hard to ensure that the spirit of Christmas is kept alive for each and every man, woman and child regardless of their living situation. Christmas dinner is a special and cherished time for families across Ireland and the world and it is because of these volunteers selfless dedication that hundreds of homeless men, women and children can have the opportunity to enjoy a special meal in good company in towns and cities across the country. We are delighted to support those efforts here at Tryilo.
Cork Penny Dinners originated as a soup kitchen during famine times and its team of dedicated volunteers currently serves 1000 meals per week to the people of the city. Their aim is to provide a warm dry place to sit and eat with a welcoming atmosphere without judgement and with a focus on mutual respect. The second charity we will be supporting this year is the Knights of Columbanus Christmas Day Dinner in the RDS in Dublin. This massive annual event ensures that hundreds of homeless and needy people in the capital can also enjoy a Christmas meal in good company.

We are happy to let you know that your decision to use Tryilo between now and Christmas will, in turn, generate support for these two very worthy causes and help to ensure that Christmas 2017 is a happy and special time for many homeless families across Ireland. Accordingly, each and every product which is uploaded on Tryilo over the next two months will equate to the provision of one Christmas dinner for the homeless this year. That means that you sharing just one item on our platform will allow us to help these worthy charities to continue their sterling work of feeding the neediest people in society at this special time of year.

So why not join us here at Tryilo and help to spread some Christmas cheer for those most in need by renting out your unused products in your community? We strongly believe that real change can come if we all come together and share so why not sign up today and make a difference to you, your community and some of the most vulnerable people this Christmas.

Show love to those who need most this Christmas. (Click here)

Please help us to reach many people by sharing this article with your friends. Working together we can achieve this goal, be part of the difference for homeless people this Christmas. Thank you.

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