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How Kevin has connected with Gamers community on Tryilo

How Kevin has connected with Gamers community on Tryilo

“Gaming is just my thing!” laughs Kevin.”

It always has been. I remember my mother begging me to go and play outside in the fresh air when I was little. I used to resent every second of it and longed to get back inside to Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario. I was really good, too. I was the first in my school to finish both games. I remember all the older boys being mad jealous of that!”

Kevin is one of a growing gaming community on Trylio which is using the platform to share and sample the latest games at minimal cost. “ It saves me a fortune to be honest. Games are so expensive nowadays. Some of the latest games for the PS4 can be over 80 pounds a pop. Then they are often not worth that to me so it is amazing to have the chance to try them out without having to shell out all that cash. I love the FIFA games but some of them are better than others. It’s been amazing to rent them like this on Trylio.

“I’ve rented out games of my own too. For instance I don’t play my Call of Duty games much anymore. I enjoy them occasionally but I enjoy FIFA and others more. Instead, I rent them out most weekends to other gamers as they are very popular.

“I have an Xbox as well as a PS4. Most gamers prefer one over the other but I really enjoy both. Microsoft has developed some features that Sony hasn’t and vice versa. There are also some games available for one and not the other such as God of War and Street Fighter 5.Being an obsessive game player, I want to play them all so I have both. That also means I have a wider variety of games to rent out on Trylio myself and that means extra cash so it’s all good.”

UK has become something of a hub in terms of gaming development with all of the big companies having a base here including global giants EA and Activison Blizzard. Gaming is certainly big business here in UK and things have come a long way from the Sega Mega Drive which was first launched back in the late 80s. As that generation progressed onto the Sony Playstation which came on the scene back in 1995, we really cemented our status as a gaming-mad nation. In competition with the X-Box, Sony and Microsoft have sought to outdo each other ever since, meaning the release of new and improved consoles on a regular basis. Of course, that’s great for gamers who can enjoy an enhanced playing experience but it also comes at a cost. A new console can cost hundreds of pounds aside from the fact that old games will no longer work with the updated versions. This is where Trylio comes in.

There are currently scores of consoles and games available for rent on the site, each of them for a very modest fee but cost aside, renting and sharing games like this provides several other clear advantages for the passionate and savvy gamer. Not least, it provides Tryilo members with the opportunity to try out new games and consoles before they commit to a purchase. “I’ve rented several consoles from Tryilo as well as games” says Kevin. I tried out the new PS4 Pro for instance, but decided that it wasn’t worth the cost for me and decided to stick to the standard version which I already have. However, gamers aren’t always keen to rent and share the most cutting edge of console technology. ”I actually rented an old PS2 there recently for a trip down memory lane. It was actually great fun and meant I was able to dust of a lot of my old games which aren’t compatible with the new model. I had a great weekend!

Kevin has also appreciated the extra cash his Trylio membership has helped earn him.” I’m totally obsessed with games”, he says” but unfortunately I can only play one at a time! Sharing them on Trylio has enabled me to save some money for a holiday next year. No, it won’t be to a gaming convention! I’m actually taking my girlfriend to Finland. She’s always wanted to go there – and she’s insisting I leave my console at home!

Tryilo gaming community

Another advantage of the formation of gaming communities on Tryilo is the comradery they generate. Gamers might have a reclusive reputation but being passionate about a shared interest is also a fantastic base on which new friendships can be formed. “ I would be in regular contact with a few of the lads I share games with via Tryilo” says Kevin. ”They say gamers are loners but that’s not necessarily true! We play online together but we also meet up to play and sometimes even manage to have a real life conversation” he laughs. “It has been a great outlet for me and I hope that we will stay friends for a long time to come”.

The real beauty of a site like Trylio is that the owner of the item still retains ownership even they may rent out the use of something. It allows gamers, outdoor enthusiasts, budding photographers and many others to try new things at a minimal cost and with no commitment. They can then decide whether to purchase a particular item or not for themselves or else just move onto the next rented item that happens to appeal to them. ”Now I’ve used Trylio for renting games and consoles, I would certainly use it to rent other items. I’ve seen everything from power washers to pots and pans available for rent on there. The fact that I know how simple, straightforward and secure the whole process is means that I wouldn’t hesitate to rent different items from there again. My mam has been on about renting a carpet cleaner to do the house some weekend and I’d be pretty certain I’d get one there pretty handily. I must check it out”

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    this is what I was looking for. have hundreds of games and it is just taking my space. how do I join gamers community? can I create my one?

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