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What is the Problem in Current Economy and how Sharing Economy can help to solve this?

What is the Problem in Current Economy and how Sharing Economy can help to solve this?

How sharing economy has revolutionised?

With the rapid growth of technology, communications, and social media, sharing economy is a popular practice among many aspects of life at the present. From sharing the vehicle to living space to food to a plenty of other ways of sharing goods and services, sharing economy has revolutionised the current economy in the world, and innovative sharing services are thriving. It has changed the way people work, and most of all, it has made people make good use of what they have to spare. This method is especially popular among low budget travellers, but the scope of sharing economy services vary from low budget to the highest budget since it virtually does not have any limits on what you can share with your peers in sharing community.

What is the Problem Current Economy?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to current and traditional economy is that it is limited and restricted in many ways. Sharing economy gives the power to even the ordinary person in a society to start a business and manage it as long as they complete it with good quality. Sharing economy is about flexibility, freedom, creativity and innovation in every aspect. Current economy does not allow direct and instant feedback from the consumer to the supplier, making it very hard for the issues to be sorted out. A person who rents their vehicle, house or other goods/services through sharing economy strongly depends on his or her user reviews to get more business. This keeps a level of accountability and the motivation to always provide the consumer with nothing but the best serve.

How Sharing Economy can helps to solve this?

Sharing economy also helps reducing the carbon print in this world in a time where environmental pollution has gone overboard. When you share your vehicle with someone else, it does not only mean more money for you and more convenient for your passenger, but it also means that it gets one more vehicle off the roads. The companies which have been built around the concept of sharing economy usually support publically on environmental sustainability and preservation. Despite of which good or the service you hire or rent through a sharing economy service, it means less carbon footprint in the world.

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