How Libraries are Boldly Innovating to Meet the Needs of Changing Communities

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[ad_1] More than a decade ago, the city of Lafayette in the greater San Francisco Bay Area did some soul-searching about the fate of its library. With a population of just a little more than 25,000, the city had outgrown the tiny 1960s building within a decade. The library’s structure was falling apart, which was especially problematic in […]

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5 Signs That The Collaborative Economy Is Going Through Puberty

The collaborative economy...

The collaborative economy is no longer a shiny new model of commerce, but rather in that awkward, in-between, adolescent stage . Written By Lisa Gansky Like any living thing, economies have lifecycles. With a bit of careful observation of the “collaborative economy,” it’s clear this new model of commerce has reached that awkward, in-between stage […]

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Prototyping Elements of Positive Platforms: the Positive Platforms Jam

  The way we work...

  The way we work is changing forever. A host of technologies — from automation to digital platforms for coordination of tasks — are reinventing not just what people do to earn a living but at a much deeper level how we organize to create value. The landscape of labor economics is in upheaval. In the process, new platforms, […]

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Ireland needs to capitalise on the sharing economy

Katie Roche on Sharing...

Katie Roche on Sharing economy: Why pay through the nose for something when you can rent it more cheaply from a stranger online? Why not share things with your neighbours? I AM NOW well prepared and more than ready to share than ever before. You see, I have reviewed all of the evidence presented to […]

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Trust and transparency in the new sharing economy.

  The accommodation...

  The accommodation letting company Airbnb based on sharing economy made Irish headlines this month by agreeing to share information with the Revenue Commissioners. Airbnb hosts who have provided their private accommodation for hire will have their details forwarded by the company to the tax authorities, who in turn may presumably make enquiries about any […]

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Why Sharing is Powerful and Important.

  why Sharing economy?:...

  why Sharing economy?: Share and share alike? The sharing economy isn’t just a way for you to save money—it can also save the environment. Uber, Lyft, and others shave the number of cars on the road. Leftover and Food Runners claim they’re finding a place for all of our wasted food. Listia helps you […]

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Sharing Economy is dead, and we killed it.

“How many of you...

“How many of you own a power drill?” Rachel Botsman, the author of the book The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption, asked the audience at TedxSydney in 2010. Predictably, nearly everyone raised his or her hand. “That power drill will be used around 12 to 15 minutes in its entire lifetime,” Botsman continued with mock exasperation. […]

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