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What are the Issues in the Traditional Economy and how can the Sharing Economy help to solve them?

What are the Issues in the Traditional Economy and how can the Sharing Economy help to solve them?

The Sharing Economy is Starting a Revolution

Together with the rapid growth of technology and social media in particular, the sharing economy is increasing steadily. From sharing vehicles to renting out living space, more and more people are seeing the appeal of this super smart and economical way of maximising the use of goods and services. The sharing economy is growing fast and exposing communities across Ireland and the world access to a whole new range of items for occasional use and generating extra income from unused or occasionally used goods that may have previously gathered dust in a cupboard. It is fast becoming the smart and environmentally aware way to live and you can get on board today!

What is the Problem with the Standard Economy?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to the standard economy is that it is limited and restricted in many ways. It has also had the negative effect of forcing people to invest in expensive items which they may not get much use out of.  In contrast, the sharing economy is about flexibility, freedom, creativity and innovation in every aspect. It is ultimately about utilizing the full potential of a community’s shared assets for the collective good, saving money and helping the environment in the process. A person who rents their vehicle, house or other goods/services through the sharing economy also strongly depends on his or her user reviews to generate more business. This keeps a level of accountability and provides the motivation to always provide the consumer with nothing but the best.

The standard economy encourages and promotes a consumption driven attitude which all too often results in a series of unnecessary purchases and an abundance of wastage. Television adverts scream at us daily warning us that we simply must have that latest product and as a result of that our homes are overflowing with items we simply don’t want or need. In contrast, the sharing economy promotes a less wasteful, kinder and altogether more inclusive lifestyle for all. It encourages us to think of the needs of others in addition to our own and to maximise the use of all that we own for the collective good of the community.

Advantages of the Sharing Economy

A major advantage of the sharing economy is the fact that it helps to reduce the global carbon print at a time when that is more crucial than ever before.  A car share on the daily commute translates to one less vehicle on the roads each day and one less day’s pollution. Over time that means a whole lot less of an impact on the environment. An expensive power washer that has previously lain dormant for 364 days of the year justifies its cost when it is shared within the community and simultaneously generates some income for the owner. The sharing economy is ultimately about building a more environmentally conscious society whereby all of its members benefit from fully utilizing the possessions of all.

Furthermore, companies which have been built around the concept of the sharing economy usually support environmental sustainability and preservation. Tryilo is no different and has committed to help the communities which use the service by return investment.

Tryilo is dedicated to providing a platform for the simple and easy sharing of products within your locality and simultaneously connecting with all those within that. It is also about building and rebuilding ties within a locality and reigniting a community spirit. So why not dust off that bread-maker and advertise that carpet cleaner. You will be helping yourself by generating some extra income, helping the community by offering the use of your items and helping the environment by stopping unnecessary purchases and minimising wastage.

A minimal signup process enables you to quickly get access to many lenders in your area and in turn to a whole range of products. Tryilo saves you from investing in costly equipment you don’t need by enabling you to rent it instead. It also gives you the means to try out a new hobby such as photography or fishing or to complete a longstanding DIY task at the click of a mouse. If you are considering a purchase but are unsure, Tryilo also gives you the option of trying out multiple products for a small fee. Sign up now and start to take advantage of its many benefits today!

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