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Connecting people through the power of sharing.

Connecting people through the power of sharing.

When we started Trylio we knew it would be beneficial to the whole community empowering people to share their unused or unwanted items in their neighbourhood in a safe and secure manner. However, we really didn’t envision just how much of an impact it would go on to have in terms of increasing and promoting the bonds of friendship in local communities across Ireland.

Our sharer’s real story – Ballincollig.

Siobhan and Diane’s story is not unique in terms of how it began. Siobhan, like many others turned to Trylio when she found herself tasked with making a wedding cake for a friend. ‘ I am a home baker and when I agreed to make this wedding cake for my friend, I was honestly stunned by the cost and the scale of the equipment needed. The large baking tins in particular cost up to 30 euros each and I just couldn’t justify that for a once off cake.

Luckily for her, fellow Ballincollig resident Diane had recently retired from a long career as a speciality cake maker and had advertised her equipment for rent on Trylio. ‘I had so much stuff for making cakes I no longer needed the regular use of’ says Diane ‘ ‘piping bags, bowls, tins.. I had it all. But at the same time I didn’t want to get rid of it all given what it had cost me and the effort I went to in sourcing everything. I also wanted to have the option of making another occasion cake in the future if I wished. Offering my things for rent on Trylio proved to be the ideal solution for me’.

Tryilo Shobhan Sharing experience.

Following their safe and secure transaction on Trylio, Siobhan went on to happily make her cake using Diane’s high quality equipment but something else happened. They really hit it off. ‘Diane was a great help to me before I made the cake, offering so many tips and hints. We got on so well that we decided to stay in touch after that’ says Siobhan. Here was this lady who was my age living just three miles away here in Ballincollig and I had never met her. We had a shared love of baking and a lot to talk about. I would honestly say that we are now firm friends’. Diane also went on to encourage Siobhan to place some of her own items on Trylio for rent. ‘I realized that I hadn’t used my steam cleaner in months so that went up. I also advertised a few other items I had lying around the house and it has really been a great little side earner for me’.

Siobhan and Diane have now recruited other friends onto Trylio where they are happily sharing and renting everything from coffee grinders to tents. ‘Trylio has really enhanced the community here in Ballincollig on many different levels’ says Diane. We are all benefiting from sharing our unused and unwanted goods but we are also all benefiting from this great sharing network we have created with the help of the site.

This is just one of the many stories we hear on a regular basis from happy Trylio customers. Why not begin to see the many advantages of this powerful site for yourself and start a mini revolution in your own neighbourhood today?!

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