Companies based on Sharing Economy and their successful journey. How sharing economy has begun and grown, Some useful information why de we need to be part of sharing.

Sharing Economy is Changing the Way the World Consumes Product

The latest trend in product...

The latest trend in product consumption is growing quickly in popularity. The sharing economy is changing the way the world consumes products. This trend is important because it creates peer to peer involvement and develops a trusting community where renting, sharing, and borrowing gives birth to many benefits. The sharing economy is often referred to […]

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What is the Problem in Current Economy and how Sharing Economy can help to solve this?

How sharing economy...

How sharing economy has revolutionised? With the rapid growth of technology, communications, and social media, sharing economy is a popular practice among many aspects of life at the present. From sharing the vehicle to living space to food to a plenty of other ways of sharing goods and services, sharing economy has revolutionised the current economy […]

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How Neighbors Turned Unused Buildings into a Thriving Community Hub

After years of brewing...

After years of brewing at home, Evan Sallee and his partners at Fair State Brewing, Minnesota’s first consumer-owned beer cooperative, were finally ready to open a taproom in Minneapolis. They needed a spot that could accommodate brewing, with a storefront that invited people in off the street. That combination was hard to find until they […]

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The Present and Future of On-Demand Work

[ad_1] I recently attended...

[ad_1] I recently attended an eye-opening event hosted by the California Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity in San Francisco. The event shed light on the proliferation of self-employed workers in the U.S. and explored ways to support a new breed of workers, including those finding gigs through on-demand marketplaces like Upwork, Thumbtack, and Lyft. A bulk of the day […]

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How Sharing Can Help Change Consumption Culture

[ad_1] Tucked into the...

[ad_1] Tucked into the corner of the laundry room in my apartment building in New York City, New York, is a little free library created from a bookcase that was salvaged from a neighbor’s trash. Nearby sits a repurposed plastic hamper marked “Free Stuff.” For fifteen years the library has been providing residents with free reading […]

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Automation Is the Next Phase of the Collaborative Economy

[ad_1] This may come...

[ad_1] This may come as a shocker to many, but in the next few years, the peer-based sharing/collaborative economy will shift to automation. I’ve studied this market closely and want to make some clear predictions on where things will head. Four years ago, I mapped out the Collaborative Economy, which is the phase where humans […]

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Podcast: How People Around the World Are Building a Solidarity Economy

[ad_1] In the face of...

[ad_1] In the face of social and ecological peril, there’s a movement that continues to build and resist. This podcast will take you into the heart of it. “I can’t accept the death of my imagination on a daily basis,” Caroline Woolard told us when we visited her at her studio in Lower Manhattan. “I’d rather have less money and […]

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Sharing the world’s wealth through a basic income guarantee

[ad_1] World Basic Income...

[ad_1] World Basic Income (WBI) is a campaign organisation with a proposal to achieve greater social justice through the provision of unconditional cash transfers. World basic income differs from national-level basic income initiatives in that it would gather money at the global level, and distribute it to every person worldwide.  While STWR does not necessarily […]

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