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How Nick forming his old band and quickly built the guitar community at Tryilo

When it was suggested to Nick that they try to get the band back together after 15 years, he wasn’t entirely convinced. Sure, they had played many epic gigs to an adoring crowd in The Wishing Well but that was a long time ago now. In fact, that pub they had often headlined was boarded up now. He wondered if anyone would anyone even remember them all these years later or if they would sneer at this group of late thirty somethings trying to relive their youth. Aside from all that, practically speaking, if he were to relive his days as a rocker he would need an electric guitar. He only played the acoustic these days and knew that his old one was past the point of repair having lain in the shed for so long.  I don’t really fancy forking out a few hundred euros for something I might only use a handful of times’ he thought. Having been made recently redundant, Nick was really watching the pennies and certainly didn’t have any cash to waste. Luckily, he remembered Tryilo, the locally based sharing and renting website. Wasn’t his mother only praising it last week and delighting in the extra cash she has been making from renting out the industrial strength carpet cleaner dad had warned her was a poor investment? Maybe he could rent a guitar there and see how things went with the band before he committed to buying another new one.

Having decided to focus on playing the bass over the electric guitar but not wanting to part with his beloved Fender Telecaster, Michael had decided to advertise it for rent on Tryilo which seemed the ideal solution for a cash strapped student. It was working out really well so far. This older guy Nick was taking it most Saturdays for an agreed fee. He told Michael that he was reforming his old band. To be fair to him he always returned it in perfect condition and right on time. In fact, Nick had even gone as far as to start a guitar sharing community on Tryilo which he had invited Michael to join. He said his buddy Noel had a lot of instruments he was looking to rent out at good prices including several amps. Being on a tight budget, Michael was delighted at this opportunity to sample some top of the range equipment at a reasonable price. This enabled him to try out a range of instruments and amps before he committed to such a costly investment, a real win-win for him! It seemed that the group was set to grow too with more and more local musicians expressing an interest in joining the community on Tryilo.
Tryilo is an exciting new platform which aims to promote a sharing culture by enabling users to maximise the potential of the items they already own by renting them out when not in use and also to avoid investing in potentially expensive goods by hiring them instead. Tryilo really is the smart solution for getting the most out of your possessions.

Tryilo Sharing community

Borrow ay instruments form the community.

We are an online Irish based fully insured peer to peer rental marketplace where users can rent, hire or share their goods with trusted and verified users. Our mission is to create an online community where users can rent or lend their goods using our super secure and easy-to-navigate website ( At Tryilo, we understand both the value of ownership and the needs of our community members. Our goal is to encourage the concept of a sharing economy which we believe that the sharing economy is set to grow rapidly in the time ahead and urge you to be a part of this exciting, economical and environmentally conscious way of sharing goods online.
Security is of the utmost priority here at Tryilo and we are happy to provide an expert verification system to identify authentic users and thereby discourage spammers from the community. We also offer a unique rating system to reassure you further.
With Tryilo, you can be a part of this exciting new market by renting, borrowing, lending and sharing your products with others. Our aim is to maximise the collective ownership of a community and to create a system which is both less wasteful and kinder on your pocket. Tryilo is not just a rental marketplace but also a place to form communities of like-minded individuals. We are delighted to offer you access to a wide range of locally available top quality goods and equipment in an instant. We have it all - guitars, gym equipment, tools and much more….What are you waiting for?!


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