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Boosting your income with the help of online sharing platform

Boosting your income with the help of online sharing platform

The community-based online service Tryilo offers a safe and easy to use platform for sharing and renting goods. Let’s see how it can help you generate some extra income .

Do you have unwanted or unused items in your household that are taking up valuable space and causing you stress? Given the fact that an estimated  43% of high-value goods purchased are used less than twice it is likely that you do. Because today’s market is based on constant stimulation of consumption which often exceeds our needs, items we purchase may not turn out to be what we expect or we simply may not have the need for them.  An unused item in a household can be a real source of frustration especially if it was expensive but the online sharing service Trylio could provide the perfect solution to this issue.

Tryilo can help you to quickly and easily generate earnings from your unused  or unwanted goods. It does so by connecting people with items available to share or rent with those looking for short-term use of them. Utilizing your dormant items in this manner is a win for both owner and renter. It could prove to be a hardly little side earner for anyone with unused electrical equipment or other items in their home and will save the renter from purchasing a potentially expensive item such as a carpet cleaner which they may need to use only once or occasionally.

The process could not be easier. Tryilo provides a secure platform for the exchange by utilising advanced web and mobile technologies which allow you to easily connect only with with trusted users  (all accounts are verified using official ID). Trylio can be used by students wishing to share books or computer based equipment, young families offering car seats or other items and hobbyists seeking an endless list of specialist products. The possibilities really are endless.

Occasional use items such as camping equipment, bicycles, laser projectors, game consoles and more can all be rented for an agreed period of time and at a predetermined rate via Trylio.  You are in full control of the whole process at all times and can choose the specific dates when you would like to offer the item for rent, compare prices, set security deposits on high value products and arrange a meeting with the owner to collect the product quickly and easily. Trylio also generates automated e-agreements as part of the rental process for added peace of mind.

There is even more – communities that use Tryilo are not only saving their money on an individual basis but are being funded in return. Tryilo is giving back up to 50% of its income back to communities that are using it so this really is a great positive community based initiative. Why not get on board today?

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